Our values

We are passionate about winning big

We believe the story. We put all the energy into what we do with enjoyment and ambition

We build from people​

We are committed to a comprehensive development of people and teams, generating contexts that display the potential, authenticity and professional and personal growth in each one of us.

We are bold to innovate​

We like to challenge the status quo and the way we do things, we are agile from end to end and we are open to discussion, diversity and learning at all levels.

We operate as owners​

We avoid waste at all levels, we do more with less, we do not waste time on what does not add value and we think about maximizing value in the long term.

We never cross the line​

We are aware that we handle very sensitive data, so we always base our relationships and decisions on transparency, care, and honesty.

Until the last mile​

We act with excellence and neatness until the last mile, focused on delivering results that radically improve the user experience and that of our clients.

What I value about working at Jooycar is being part of a group that likes to dream, build from each person and challenge paradigms

Lucila Gamalero

Sales & Business Development Leader

The experience of working at Jooycar is one of continuous research. As a Data Scientist, I have the opportunity to take academic development to the creation of algorithms, which, together with the collaborative work that exists between all areas, has allowed me to open up new areas of development

Alfonso Bustamante

Senior Data Scientist

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